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The SEED Group is deeply committed to our goal of "supporting people's lives from their feet up

We are a diverse footwear company that handles all aspects of manufacturing, marketing and retailing,
a rarity in the Japanese footwear industry.


Founded in Shizuoka in 1938 as a manufacturer of Japanese lacquered geta sandals, our company's history began here. Since then, we have achieved growth by continuously expanding into overseas markets, entering into partnerships with foreign brands and tirelessly developing styles many of which have become hugely popular with the public. In 2020, Daimatu Inc. and Seed Corporation, which had developed as separate companies, merged into The SEED Group. Since its establishment, we have created a solid foundation capable of keeping up with quickly changing times and trends. Our goal of supporting a fulfilling life through footwear has remained unchanged since the company's inception. We are committed to thorough quality control and have a never-ending pursuit for comfortable footwear. We stand by the quality of our product and our customer satisfaction continued support is testament to this. Our employees work tirelessly to create new and improved footwear based on the conviction that "health begins at the foot". One of the reasons behind the merger of the company into The SEED group was to create a streamlined organization able to adapt quickly to ever changing trends and requirements. The merger has resulted in a diverse organization handling everything from product conception and design right through to production, a rarity in the Japanese footwear industry. This has resulted in a revolutionary, powerful synergy between people, products and ideas. Another reason behind the merger was to accelerate the speed of global expansion. Our company's goal is to become a world class, one-of-a-kind Japanese footwear presence. We will endeavor to stay relevant in the footwear market. You can look forward more innovation, creativity and resilience from The Seed in the years ahead.

CEO, Yuichi Tanemoto

CEO, Yuichi Tanemoto

CEO, Yuichi Tanemoto

Our Purpose

Fit your feet, fit your heart.

The foot is such an important part of the body that it is often referred to as the second heart and the shoes that protect the foot are a very important tool that connects people to the world. It is our pleasure to be able to support our customers on their feet every day.

Our Mission

We create footwear that is trusted and loved by our customers, supporting lifestyles from the feet up.

We support our customers by creating footwear that they can trust and love. Our footwear is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long lasting. We will continue to manufacture and sell products that reach the hearts of our customers.

Our Vision

To aim to be a company relevant in the market for 100 years and beyond.

Our shoes are comfortable, fashionable and, with the right care, can be worn for a long time. Our products are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, while providing high levels of wearer satisfaction. As a footwear manufacturer, the actions we can take are limited, however as a company that aims to encourage development of future generations from the feet up, we will continue to strive to present a positive image to people who wear our footwear and aim to be a company relevant in the market for the next 100 years and beyond.

Code Of Conduct

The SEED has established a Code of Conduct and guidelines to represent The SEED Group and to share important ideas and values about our corporate activities. This Code of Conduct has been adopted by The SEED and all group companies and affiliates.

The SEED's Code Of Conduct (PDF)

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