Company - 株式会社 The SEED





Trade name
CEO Yuichi Tanemoto
Business Overview
A comprehensive footwear company. Planning and manufacturing, import, export, wholesale, retail, repair
Nishiwaki 435, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City 422-8044 Google map
15 minutes by bus from Shizuoka Station / 10 minutes walk from the 「Nishiwaki-Hello Work Iriguchi」bus stop



Daimatu Inc.

Manufactures own brand and licensed brand footwear all the way from product design to production of the final product. With over 70 years of history and know-how, carries out OEM and ODM production, enabling our customers to be competitive in the market.


Seed Corporation.

Sells footwear produced by its own manufacturing technology and also imports select brands from around the world that excel in design and functionality. Seed supports our partners from "the feet up" and aims to be a company relevant in the market for 100 years and beyond.


Transonic Inc.

Sells own brand and license footwear products developed and manufactured by Daimatu, such as Arnold Palmer, Edwin and Pure Walker.


  • 1938

    October: Tanemoto Seikichi Store is established as a manufacturer of Japanese lacquered geta sandals.

  • 1950

    March: Tanemoto Seikichi Store is renamed to Daimatu Store and established in Sanbancho, Shizuoka city with Tanemoto Katsujiro as CEO.

  • 1954

    September: Wooden sandals named "Pearl Mode" (product name) are developed and manufactured and become a hit with the public and receives the National Invention Award.

  • 1961

    May: Construction and start of operations of the Fujieda production facility (14,000㎡) in Koshu, Fujieda City.
    September: Company name changed to Daimatu Kogyo Co.Ltd.

  • 1967

    June: Expansion of sandal exports to the U.S.A., Indonesia and the Middle East. Certified by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) as a company with strong growth in export.

  • 1970

    February: PT Daimatu Industries, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, is established in Surabaya, Indonesia.

  • 1973

    June: The five-story head office building is constructed in Nishiwaki, Shizuoka City.

  • 1983

    March: IMG and Arnold Palmer formally registered as a user of the trademark.

  • 1994

    March: Distribution agency agreement is signed with Birkenstock Germany. Import operations begin.

  • 1997

    Seed Corporation is established.

  • 2001

    October: Yaizu Factory in Hon-Nakane, Shizuoka is acquired and operations begin.

  • 2005

    March: Company name is changed to Daimatu Inc.

  • 2007

    Tokyo office is opened in Kachidoki area.

  • 2008

    Natural Shoe Store, Shizuoka the first store opens.

  • 2016

    Started as an official importer and distributer of Birkenstock.

  • 2017

    Tokyo office is relocated to Sendagaya area, central Tokyo.

  • 2020

    August: Daimatu Inc. and Seed Corporation merged into a holding company, The SEED.