Brand - 株式会社 The SEED
  • Arnold Palmer

    Arnold Palmer

    Known for its colorful four-color umbrella logo, this lifestyle brand is named after a professional golfer who was active in the 1960's and 1970's. Its cheerful and playful designs are loved by all generations.

  • Blundstone


    Blundstone was born in 1870 on the Australian island of Tasmania. The simple designs, and excellent durability and cushioning of their side gore boots make them ideal for town and country.

  • Croissant


    Comfort is the key feature of this brand, designed to be worn with bare feet. Designed to make the wearer feel and live in comfort, these will become your go-to pair of shoes.

  • Edwin


    Edwin sandals are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, are casual and comfortable for all occasions. They are loved by people of all ages.

  • Ipanema


    Free and radiant like the Brazilian climate, with a variety of lifestyles and a feminine appeal. From sandy beach to vibrant city, the perfect pair of sandals for every occasion.

  • Karhu


    A Finnish sports shoes brand with a history of more than 100 years. Karhu means "bear" in Finnish and the sneakers are characterized by their vivid Scandinavian themed colors.

  • Haflinger


    Founded in Germany in 1898. These woolen indoor footwear and slippers are light on the foot, cozy and manufactured using the latest knitting and felting technology. High quality craftsmanship using natural materials such as wool and cork for over 110 years.

  • Malibu Sandals

    Malibu Sandals

    Originating in Malibu, California and inspired by the ancient craft of Mexican "Huarache" sandal-making, this collection features stylish and modern items made from cruelty-free and vegan materials.

  • Organic Handloom

    Organic Handloom

    This brand, made in Japan, pursues craftsmanship with an emphasis on simple aesthetics while remaining true to the goal of using natural materials.

  • Pure Walker

    Pure Walker

    Since the 1960s, this brand has continued to support the feet of working women with its comfort and reliable no-nonsense construction that will stand up to hard wear.

  • Universal Overall

    Universal Overall

    Founded in 1924, Universal Overall is a workwear brand from Chicago, USA. For nearly a century, the brand has been dedicated to crafting hard-wearing, affordable items. Today, it is one of the few true workwear brands still around, earning the trust and support of workers everywhere with its commitment to quality.

  • Veja


    Based in France, Veja continues to make sneakers in unconventional ways while confronting the many challenges of globalization and manufacturing, such as social responsibility, economic justice, and the use of ecological materials.