Stores - 株式会社 The SEED

Natural Shoe Store

A footwear speciality store offering comfortable shoes from all around the world.


Croissant Store

A store for everyday homeware that originates from "Croissant", a lifestyle and culture magazine. The main store has been open for more than 40 years and offers everything you need to lead a comfortable life


Shoe Life

Shoes that fit your lifestyle. An online store offering brands such as Arnold Palmer, EDWIN, Ipanema and Pure Walker.


Shoes Outlet

Our buyers have selected footwear from all around the world, based on the concept of "shoes that will take you anywhere". We're confident you'll find your perfect pair of shoes with us.



To get the most out of your favorite pair of shoes or sandals, our footwear is repairable (with the exception of a few items.) Most of the repair work is done by hand, by craftsmen who know shoes inside and out.