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The manufacturing process

The use of fossil fuels cannot be totally eliminated under current shoe manufacturing processes. Furthermore, in the tanning process, a variety of chemicals are used to increase the strength and texture of the leather. In an effort to break the cycle, we are committed to sustainable operations through the manufacture of long-lasting footwear, the use of recycled materials and the use of plant-derived vegetable tanning as alternatives to the use of chemicals.


Use of recycled materials

Recycled materials are used in soles, fabrics, thread and tags.


Reuse of waste materials

All materials lost in the molding process are shredded and fully returned into the system.


Installation of solar panels

In order to reduce the use of fossil fuels as much as possible, we have installed solar panels on our head office building and Shizuoka factory. Currently, approximately 30% of our electricity consumption is provided by solar panels.


Shizuoka’s local Mt. Fuji has in the past sadly become a ground for illegal dumping of waste. After a chance encounter with world renowned alpinist Noguchi Ken and hearing one of his lectures, our company's CEO approached other companies with local connections to the area and the "Mt.Fuji Clean Project" was launched. The clean-up activities around Mt.Fuji and the lectures by Ken Noguchi will get you thinking about the richness of nature and ever-present connection we have with Mother Nature in our daily lives.

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